Scharpach Opus G

Scharpach  OPUS G. Archtop

This new model “OpusG” is the result of a design collaboration between myself and the owner of this guitar Michael G. Thompson, who drew inspiration from his vintage Gibson collection. After several iterations, the final design is a unique combination of elements from and aesthetic “nods” to his favourite archtops from the 30’s to early 60’s which I have interpreted and created from the finest aged woods.


This OpusG elegantly blends a robust 18” lower bout, which carries a rich full-body voice, with a thin-cut profile and narrow waistline allowing for enhanced ergonomics and player/instrument intimacy.

The provocative Florentine cut-away gives effortless access to the upper range which is all reflected beautifully either acoustically or through the Charlie Christian style floating pick-up made by Pete Biltoft - which carries a custom blade I created to compensate the magnetic force and dynamics of the strings.

The hardware is also custom made and plated with the rare element rhodium which exudes a deeper brilliance than traditional gold or chrome plating.

Although it has a thin-line body the OpusG’s acoustic output is remarkable. Nevertheless, also available will be a 17” version in full thickness version if desired with flexible pickup options.

German Spruce: old Stock

Figured Maple old stock

18 Inch: 17 Inch available

Thinline (60mm) and full size acoustic body

Blonde and Honey blonde

Flat Head Design

Ebony with MOP inlay and binding



Scheller with solid Silver tunersknobs

Engraved sculpted design,

Carved Ebony (to be discussed)

Florintine Custom

Charlie Christian or Custom Humbucker

Brazilian Rosewood, blacked adjustable

MOP inlay all standard positions

Maple figured

Ebony with black dots on sides (3-5-7-9-12-15-17-19)

12 inches - 22 inches, perpendiculum 0.5mm 635mm 

45 mm

38 mm (nut)

56 mm

21mm at 1st fret

24mm at 12th fret

Stainless steel 2.5mm wide and 1.2mm height

20 Frets

Thomastik GeorgeBenson Flatwounds 0.12set PLEK computerized 1.8mm – 2.2mm T

Sides and back:
Body width:
Height of body:


Compound Radius

Nut width:
String spacing
String spacing bridge:
Neck Thickness:

Fret wire:
Number of frets:
String set up:
Frets leveling:
String height :

The Opus G played by the very talented Tim Van Der Velden