Madagascar Rosewood Deluxe Concerto Signature

15” Acoustic Archtop


Before we move here is short Bio of the Luthier , the man behind Rancourt guitars and his motivations


‘’Focused on providing professional Lutherie services, my goal is to make unique pieces that vibrate by innovating in a world where multiple factors can affect the conception of a musical instrument. I always aim to build instruments that are very responsive, easy and fun to play, making it easier for you to free your inspirations!’’ –Guillaume Rancourt-
Guillaume grew up in a modest home on a small wooden lot in the suburb of Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships, Canada. Although nowadays the lot seems very small to him, back when he was 4 or 5 even 10 years old, this small forest seemed like an endless source of inspiration, relaxation, calm and creativity. It fed most of his curiosity for the world around him and made him look at things, from a very early age, with a deeper sense of belonging and being connected to something greater… Life itself. He found in this environment the perfect playground to experiment, build and learn to be in tune with nature, the forest and his ability to craft from almost nothing but ropes, tape, a few nails and a hammer.  He felt at Home almost so that he simply wished he would never have to leave!

He spent his early years building camps and tree-houses in the forest surrounding his family home. He would build floating platforms suspended high up in the trees, where he would just sit down and contemplate the infinite horizon before him. From his platforms, he could see the Appalachian Mountain Range from as far as he could look from left to right!

Now that he looks back on his roots and life, It seems like Guillaume was born with an instant connection to nature… He feels home in the forest and inspired by so many different smells, sounds, noises, animals, lights and textures… That’s where it all took place; the deep anchorage of his curiosity was limitless for everything he was interested towards!
“My interest for guitar building, or should I say, the sense I had that it was possible and reachable all started around the age of  7 or 8, when my grandfather brought a roughly shaped, handmade, spray painted red Stratocaster, built for me, out of leftover hardwood flooring and completed with dental floss strings!! ’’ says Guillaume…























” The main inspiration for my passion of fine arts instruments began with this guitar: a custom made Classical Guitar my father had ordered from José Ramirez III, in 1974, in Madrid, Spain.

A wonderfully warm yet clear toned, balanced and powerful, deeply moving instrument that my sister and I had the chance to learn to play on at a young age… My father, Guy, is always so passionate about how he describes that instrument, his intimate relation with it and the way his brother, while on a trip in Spain, called him from the Ramirez Family shop in Madrid, and helped him chose it and brought it back for him… the 7 different types of woods on it, and how it still smells so good with the mix of India rosewood & Western Red Cedar in the body… It was and still is a Masterpiece to me… the guitar I looked up to when I wanted to achieve that tone that brings me all these wonderful childhood memories, shivers and emotions…”

Guillaume spent many years observing and helping his grandfather around the shop in his basement in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. ‘’He taught me all I needed to know to sparked my interest for inventions and innovations; modifying electronics and repairing phones and TV’s or building cabinets and making his own tools for the shop. He taught me how to work with woods in their full potential and to the best of his knowledge. Teaching me to cut with the band saw, to make jigs to achieve certain patterns and models’’ Guillaume says.
It’s around the age of 12 or 13 that Guillaume made his first Electric Guitar, a Hand Carved Les Paul! ‘’My dad brought me to the woodshop downtown and he let me choose the Honduran Mahogany Blanks I needed, a fingerboard and a Hard rock Maple top for the project’’.
Helped by his high school Technical-Science teacher, Serge Ricard, Guillaume got his first chance to get his hands on his own handmade guitar, which fuelled an instant attraction for the art and passion of building and repairing musical instruments.

A few years later, after working in a toxic chemical environment, finishing kitchen cabinets, he contracted a serious autoimmune disease that nearly killed him at age 20. Guillaume had had a troubled past until then, and he knew he had to change his behaviors towards himself if he wanted to fully appreciate what life had given to him after he had won over his destroying habits. He decided to make changes in his lifestyle. He chose to focus on doing what he really loved with these extra days and years that were given to him ever since.

Guillaume gave his passion for building instruments more time and prioritized his efforts towards his goal: learning the secrets of the art. That’s how he commenced living off of the wonderful art of Guitar making.
At this point, he had already been a full time professional paint artist and a very fine Carpenter and Jointer… Craftsmanship was inherent at the core of who he was and he combined these interests into making living tools to help musicians express themselves with a very intimately made medium for them.

Twenty years after he first started, Guillaume’s passion is still burning, and he tries to constantly elevate his art of instrument making to a new level. He is in the process of protecting some of the finest innovations added to his Acoustic Archtop Guitars and Upright Basses and is surrounding himself with the best parts and hardware makers out here. Guillaume is always looking to perfect his knowledge of both past and modern techniques and secrets that can help his creations resonate even more strongly and intuitively with the musicians he works with…
Always with many custom projects on his bench, and an increasing number of artists creating beautiful tones with his instruments, Rancourt Guitars is an instrument maker with a growing presence on the international level, with bright hopes for the future!

He mixes science to the centuries old tradition of musical instrument making and tries to perfect his guitars acoustical properties each time.
Guillaume Rancourt, Canadian Archtop Guitar Maker

Rancourt Guitars Small Concert Session with - Olivier Laroche - Acoustic Jazz Guitar Player