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It has been mentioned in Fibonacci posts in social media and on the Fibonacci website that we love to work with musicians from all backgrounds and music genre, adapting , building and customising to the players needs, this is what exactly happened with Antonio Fucile a Fibonacci collector and musician of some 40 years:-

In Antonio Fucile the owners own words as to why he commissioned Graham and his team to to build this guitar

The guitar plays like a electric guitar with nylon strings and has all the qualities of a Nylon string. The key that makes this instrument unique is that it's joined at the 12th with a 44mm nut, also the Fibonacci being a hand carved archtop has facilitated a deeper arch and has a allowed a much richer depth of tone.

Ive only ever played finger-style nylon sting guitar but this guitar allows you to go straight into single string improvisation.

The level of volume is not compromised between the two.
I had a concept of what I wanted from 47 years of playing and after a year of development and craftsmanship, listening to my ranting.
Graham Esson creator of Fibonacci came up with my life long dream a guitar which performs across the demands of an average evenings gigging and now I don't have to take three guitars I just take the one.In all from solo jazz ,country guitar to chomping out chords to driving lead line's this guitar does not disappoint.

An L.R .Baggs Lyric pickup system was used

Here are some images of the build for Antonio
His Spec sheet is available on request , this was a custom build.



Antonio Fucile Fibonacci Custom Nylon

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