Matt Maranger is a highly skilled and imaginative luthier who utilises reclaimed tonewood in his builds and also uses enviromentally friendly products in his finish.

He passed out from his Luthier college with a Masters.

His acoustic archtop and flat top acoustic builds a made in such away you cant take your eyes of them, his electric builds are totally avant garde and need to be seen.

I like Matt as he  has a particular eye in shape and form that appeals to me straight away and I know Im not the only player,dealer collector that feels the same way.

Matts Bio

My entry into guitar making started with trying to fix a vintage Martin and Guild, and so I set off to Vancouver Island to learn some basic repairs, and ended up building instruments while attending Summit School.

Since leaving Summit in 2011, I’ve (currently) built 41 instruments, ranging from 17” archtops, 00 parlor copies, Banjolele’s, Tele copies, the list goes on.

After having experimented with dovetail, mortise joints and removable neck joints, I have settled on a combination of mortise and tenon that is bolted on. Also, I glue the “tongue” of the fingerboard using hide glue, to make removal clean and easy. This approach is based on my experience repairing instruments. I try to make a functional, affordable, highly usable, but most of all, maintainable instrument. I’m also very focused on using domestic materials, as I’m finding viable alternatives for woods like Ebony and Mahogany, like Ironwood and Maple, for example.

My current lineup features a 15” OM inspired body, a 16” offset / teardrop arch top or flat top, and an electric inspired by a similar offset design. I currently split my time between repairs, building, and being a dad.


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