Iker is a young luthier from a small town near Bilbao (Spain).
His beginnings in lutheria began in a natural way, after working for years as a sound engineer, playing the guitar and being surrounded by music continuously. He began his studies of lutheria in BELE (Basque School of Violin Making) where he spent four years, during those years he trained in the acoustics and restoration of the instruments. He also built some classical  instruments (violin, viola and cello). 

During his study years at BELE he was able to attend several masterclass of large violin luthiers such as George Stoppani, Hans Nebel, Andrea Ortona, Peter Westerlund or Collin Galahue.  Meanwhile Iker also built in his workshop several flat-top acoustic guitars in a self-taught way since the guitar has always been the instrument for which he was interested the most in lutheria. 

At the end of his studies he obtained a scholarship to work as an assistant to the Italian guitar maker Mirko Borghino for six months, during the stay in Italy he worked on several flat-top and archtop guitars of Borghino himself and built a classic archtop guitar following his advices and guidelines .

 In Italy he was also able to attend several masterclasses by Ken Parker, Michael Greendfield and Dana Bourgeois.
Currently Iker is full-time dedicated to the construction of guitars in his studio in the town of Ortuella, he reflects the knowledge acquired with classical instruments and acoustics, performing unique guitars.

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